Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Seems I'm not the only thrifty vegan online

So, I wanted to set up a simple blog where I talk about a few purchases I make as a Vegan which are worth noting if you're on a budget.  Stuff like that.  Finding your perfect domain, whether via Blogger or via a registrar can be difficult what with so many domains already taken - but this is the first time where I'm kind of pleased I didn't get to snap up my first choice.  Or second. It seems we've got a thrifty Vegan living in the US and another here in the UK.  Good stuff.

It's probably worth checking those blogs out as they're focusing on cooking using wholesome ingredients, something I'll certainly bring up - but hardly my forte - seeing how reliant I am on my equally vegan partner whipping up decent meals for me.  Maybe I'll get creative with food soon but for the time being I'm going to blog about vegan purchases (not necessarily food either) that are good buys.

If you're a student, on a budget, a cheapskate, all of the above or simply someone who'd like a few tips then I might post something relevant to you.  I have no plans to make posts here regular or follow a specific pattern - I just need a place to post some findings.


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